INDIBA® Deep Beauty

The technology developed by INDIBA® allows to rebalance and regenerate tissues by means of radiofrequency

The INDIBA® equipment range uses the PROIONIC® Body Care System technology to enhance deep beauty from the inside. It can restore its natural balance to tissues in a non-invasive way by using the circulation of the current at a certain frequency (radiofrequency current).

INDIBA Deep Beauty, radiofrequency; Proionic, Barcelona,
INDIBA® Deep Beauty

The systems developed by INDIBA have more than 34 years of experience in electromedical equipment and are pioneers in radiofrequency. Its applications cover, in addition to aesthetics, many areas of rehabilitation. Its effectiveness is supported by more than 170 scientific articles.


The PROIONIC® system works with a specific frequency of 448 kHz, considered the most suitable for an adequate and correct mobilization. Its technology makes possible the movement of the ions in such a way that it balances the electrical potential and the activity of the cell.


The method consists of applying the current by means of the "active electrode" and the "return or neutral electrode". That is, the current leaves the equipment, passes through the human body and, upon reaching the return electrode, returns back to the starting point, closing the circuit.

1. Modeling the silhouette

2. End cellulite, stretch marks and flaccidity

3. Tightening action in the chest

4. Anti-aging lifting effect

5. Reduce wrinkles and expression lines

6. Redefine the facial oval

7. Toning, draining, hydrating

At the facial level, INDIBA® Deep Beauty can work on the face in general and on specific areas such as the eye area, the double chin, the neck and the neckline, achieving anti-aging, firming, toning, remodeling, moisturizing and draining effects.


At the corporal level it can be applied on breasts, arms, abdomen, cartridge belts, glutes, legs, back, hands and feet. It has proven to be very effective against cellulite and have great ability to reaffirm, remodel, drain and reduce.


The method consists of three phases:

  1. Energy channeling: stimulates energy points.
  2. Focused care: action on the area to be treated based on the proposed objective.
  3. Final balance: balances the energy of the body and provides great relaxation.