Scars are an aesthetic problem that for a long time was considered almost impossible to solve. New technologies have developed new strategies to face this problem in a satisfactory way. Each scar is unique, because in addition to the factors that have originated it must take into account the skin type of the person, their age, their diet, their level of physical activity (especially the one that affects the area to be treated), etc.


Also, any part of the body is likely to be affected by an unwanted scar. The causes of each scar are diverse, but we highlight the surgery, various types of injuries, inflammations of the tissues ... Depending on the cause that caused it, the scar will have one aspect or another: there are flat, but also bulky or sunk Another factor is its color, which in turn is also variable. Some scars are painful, an issue that exacerbates the problem.

LPG-Endermologie - Cellu M6® Integral

Endermolgie program against scars

Cellu M6® Integral has been designed to act on the scar at several levels: its action on it can calm the pain and reactivate the cell exchange, favoring in this way an improvement in the cure of fibrosis. It can be used for more or less recent scars (which are the result of some type of surgery, or of a trauma, etc.) in which inflammation persists. It is also suitable for burns, for scars caused by a cesarean, a psoriasis, etc. Consult your particular case with your LPG specialist.

INDIBA® Deep beauty

The INDIBA® Deep Beauty technology based on regenerative radiofrequency allows to treat scars, resorting to different procedures depending on whether the scar is recent or old. In cases where the scar is very recent it is advisable to start the sessions as soon as possible, since it contributes to more effective healing. For more information, each case should be studied, since the number of sessions and the form of action will depend on factors such as location, degree of inflammation and the type of person, among others.


People who want to apply the treatment over an old scar can also resort to INDIBA® Deep Beaut technology. This situation is addressed in a different way, acting directly on the scar itself. The specialist will indicate the number of sessions based on your specific case.


The treatment can be complemented with high-quality cosmoceuticals to enhance the effects of the appliance program carried out.